Hear Big Black Box Now!

Hello friends, just wanted to check in and let everyone know that the record is finished and the vinyl is ordered! We’ve been busy in these final stages and I’m proud to have made the commitment to go where the record took me. Like any writer knows, the characters you wish to develop for your story don’t always end up how you first envisioned them, but if you’re willing to let them take form naturally, your story ends up more authentic and compelling than you could have imagined. I’m proud of my commitment to getting it right and telling the story that wanted to be told. With the guiding hands of friends and bandmates as well as producer and compadre Drew Grow, I think we pulled it off, and I’m excited for you to hear it. Our release date is set for March 17th and we will be shipping out your copies as soon as they arrive.
We released “Underground” a few weeks ago and today we’re happy to release a second track, “Big Black Box.” Hope you enjoy!
- Kelli

Jeremiah Hayden